The download contains an installer which will guide you quickly through the setup process. During installation you need to supply your My We-Amp account in order to activate the module. The server module gets installed as a native http module.

Possible IIS restart / Application Pool recycle during installation

During the install and uninstall of IISBrotli, Internet Information Services (IIS) might be restarted or application pools might be recycled.

Upgrading from v1.1.1

If you are upgrading from v1.1.1 or earlier and IISBrotli has been installed as native module, you first need to manually uninstall the module before installing the current version through this installer.

Compression scheme support deprecated

As of IISBrotli v2.0 the module only installs as HTTP module and no longer as compression scheme.

IISWebSpeed together with IISBrotli

If the server is also running our PageSpeed optimization module for IIS make sure that the Brotli module is configured to be right above the IISWebSpeed modules in the ordered list.