The download contains an installer which will guide you quickly through the setup process. During installation you need to supply your My We-Amp account in order to activate the module. IIS Brotli is available free of charge.

Compression scheme or native module

The server module gets installed on Microsoft IIS through an installer. Either as compression scheme or native http module, depending on the version of IIS.

Compression scheme

This is the preferred way of installing and will make the Brotli filter respond to options set for compression in IIS as well as behave identical to gzip in many ways. Unfortunately IIS 8.5 and above handle the preference of compression schemes different than their predecessors. No longer the preference can be configured on IIS through applicationHost.config, instead the preference is defined by the browser's Accept-Encoding header. Since all browsers with Brotli support have added the br entry behind gzip, IIS 8.5 and above will always use gzip compression.

Native module

When installed as native module, no configuration is available. If the server is also running our PageSpeed optimization module for IIS make sure that the Brotli module is configured to be right above the iispeed modules in the ordered list.