IIS Brotli v2.0

Based on Brotli 1.0.2

IIS Brotli is a Brotli compression HTTP module for Microsoft IIS.


  • Brotli compression improves on the built-in IIS gzip compression ratio by roughly 17-25%.


The server module gets installed on Microsoft IIS as a native http module through an installer.


  • Trial license: Free
    A free one month trial period automatically starts after installing IIS Brotli on your server.
  • Single server license: $35.00 monthly / $350.00 yearly [auto-renewal]
    License limited to all (configured) websites and domains on a single server. One license key per server.

Support & Consultancy

We-Amp offers (priority) support and consultancy.


Commercial. Software is provided "as is", without any warranty of any kind.


Download IIS Brotli.