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Installation details are found on the documentation page.


  • Brotli encoding is currently only requested by browsers for https requests, to avoid trouble with bad intermediaries (proxies).
  • Dynamically generated content needs it's Content-Type header to be set in order to be compressed.

Brotli browser support

  • Firefox: 44+ (on by default)
  • Chrome: 49+ (not by default, but can be enabled)
  • Edge: 15+ (on by default)


A successfull test with one of the supporting browsers should show an accept-encoding:br in the request headers and subsequently a content-encoding:br in the response headers from the server.

Use the KeyCDN Brotli test tool to check whether Brotli compression is enabled on your website.


2018-01-17: v2.0 Upgraded to Brotli v1.0.2
2017-05-19: v1.1.2 Truncation bug fixed, added installer
2016-03-21: v1.1.1 Added compression scheme support
2016-03-18: v1.1 Initial release based on Brotli v1.0.1